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F00 [May. 28th, 2005|10:19 pm]

I own a motorcycle. Yeah, it's a 1985 Suzuki GS700E which has a nasty oil leak on the right side of the engine block where the two halves meet around the crankshaft.

Since the beginning of this month I've been working on getting the engine out of the frame, a big thanks to Brian who had been helping me with lifting in that endeavor, and Dave for actually finishing it with me and pointing out that the air box was getting in the way.

In any case though, it's finally out. The next step is probably to clean the entire engine before I start opening it. Need to run to Fleet Farm and buy some cleaner tommorow.

I've also been working a lot on a new set of scripts for launching programs during boot/shutdown of linux (being tested on my laptop.) The entire thing is written in POE. The whole thing has exposed some strange bugs in both POE and the startup system (at least under Debian) but does work perfectly. Startup times are down by a good 20s, and shutdown is faster too.

On the subject of POE... I've also been working on an alternet Kernel (and fr
iends) called HOE.