hachi (hachi) wrote,

I've got good news about myself, and bad news.

I am a ditz. No other way to really put it.

On friday I dropped my phone, which broke into about 4 pieces that I had to tape back together. Still worked perfectly mind you and I was fine with that.

Today I left my wallet at home, and only noticed once I got to SF. Had to bum some money off <lj user=henrylyne> to get lunch and money to get home.

Then at lunch I realized that my cell phone is now missing, calling it reveals nothing, and I know I had it on the train ride in today. Caltrain hasn't found it yet. Well, guess that means I don't need to talk to anyone.


Edit: I forgot to mention the good news; which is that I have an excuse to get a new phone.
Tags: cell phone, cingular, lost things, me, wasted time

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    Yay, my cell phone was found in the San Jose Caltrain station. Now I just have to get down there so I can collect it.

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    I resolve to not lose my keys again. Now I just need to find them first... damn. Edit: They've been found, in San Diego. Yay.

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