hachi (hachi) wrote,

I applied for two jobs today, one at ManPower as a Desktop Publisher
type person, and the other at ImproMed
as a traveling software trainer. I also got an email from Charter regarding my second
application for a position as a Technical Helpdesk employee, I wrote the
entire reply and hope to send it this morning.

Sean's gallery script
is putzed up beyond all belief now, I'll probably end up rewriting it
from scratch in the coming days/weeks. The timeline will be determined
by how many tuits I have laying around.

On the subject of tuits, I need to put more time into my two classes
I am taking this semester, those programming-by-picture books cost way
too much for me to waste (as much as I hate learning that way).

UWO Comp Sci Club met for
the first time this semester, I attended the meeting and added a ton of
unnecessary commentary and crap to the meeting, I really need to shut my
mouth sometimes.


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