hachi (hachi) wrote,

Sitting on IRC with Meng Weng Wong and others discussing the email forgary problem with SMTP these days, a bit of a rant in my mind was formed. Microsoft wants to see forgary detection to be implemented in the MUA or Mail User Agent (ie. Outlook Express) while SPF aims to have the detection in the MTA or Mail Transfer Agent (ie. Sendmail).

I'd like to take a moment to compare this to the sales industry: In the microsoft scheme, a customer places an order with a company and gives them a credit card number. The company packs up the box, labels it, and loads it on to pallets to go to the shipping dock. They then check your credit card and undo everything if the line of credit is bad.

In the SPF standard the credit card is checked right after it is given to the company, saving valuable time and resources. I certainly hope this situation is a bit more appealing to people who have to pay the bills.

I can only hope for the sake of the internet that the MS solution doesn't beat out any of the others


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